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A discussion of SEED-SCALE drawing on applications in various parts of the world, emphasizing the potential of human energy and outlining the application of how to practice SEED-SCALE.


Community-based case studies from around the world that illustrate different features of SEED-SCALE. This book also includes handbooks that describe how to do the functions of SEED-SCALE. All of this is presented within the global context for a more effective approach towards advancing social change around the world. 

Green Book

The 1995 UNICEF publication "ABCD" brought forward the first SEED-SCALE statement, synthesizing the discussions of an international task force commissioned by UNICEF Executive Director, Jim Grant. Grant's interest in commissioning this task force was to find a process that more reliably enabled scale-level and sustainable results in social change, or in his words:

"This monograph brings together many years of experience in UNICEF and other agencies in promoting components of Sustainable Human Development. Area Based Programmes have tended to be successful in local areas but there have been problems in their not readily 'going to scale.' There are, however, examples of successful extension. In this volume, Drs. Daniel Taylor-Ide and Carl Taylor have made a worthy effort in drawing important lessons from such examples and proposed a set of measures that could guide future efforts. The process places special emphases on: equity, a long standing UNICEF goal of reaching the unreached; adaptation and innovation under diverse local conditions; and capacity building through collaboration between communities, government officials, and experts."

James P. Grant

Executive Director, UNICEF