Your life, your ideas, your feelings, what keeps you going is energy. Energy is making everything about you that is what you will be. SEED-SCALE teaches you how to grow this energy and the collective energies of your community so your lives improve. SEED-SCALE opens a way of thinking.

Perhaps you believe creating a better life requires money, that is not what SEED-SCALE asserts. With SEED-SCALE you are going to change how you think. If you understand that societies are built, while that is true for houses and roads, it is not for the relationships of people which are grown (or hurt). If you believe an expert is needed to solve a complex challenge, likely you miss the capacity possible of many people gathering to work through that challenge.

Raj Arole, a Padma Bhushan of India, explaining his contribution to SEED-SCALE thinking.

Hear Dr. Taylor explain how seed-scale is different from other kinds of community development.


Primary Publications

Community Based Sustainable Development

“This monograph brings together many years of experience in UNICEF and other agencies in promoting components of Sustainable Human Development. Area Based Programmes have tended to be successful in local…

Just and Lasting

(Johns Hopkins University Press)
SEED-SCALE describes how aspirations, one of the most powerful of human energies, can be harnessed. A dynamic, which we call the revolution of rising aspirations, connects aspirations and actions…

Empowerment on an Unstable Planet

(Oxford University Press)
Empowerment on an Unstable Planet: From Seeds of Human Energy to a Scale of Global Change. This book is about solutions for all: all people, across the entire planet. When all are not advancing, …

Partnerships for Social Development

This, the first SEED-SCALE publication, states in its Conclusion: “Our most important conclusion was that successful and sustainable social development is possible. … Universal commonalities to successful social…





“I am now a big thinker. I have become more creative. I am building collective leadership in my communities”

Alida Davis,




“Seed-Scale has helped to change my perspective on how community change should occur… from inside out”

Shondell, Guyana




“I always build on success.  I let the community own and lead the work”

Zakir, Afghanistan




“It shaped my critical thinking and analytical skills.  I can confidently create community change programs”

Stanley, Kenya