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If I have the belief I can do it, I shall surely acquire capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginningGandhi

Where do the seeds for SEED-SCALE come from? In biology, whether a plant seed or an embryo of an animal, seeds come from a process of fertilization. Two aspects come together. (We play with the analogy of seed fertilization in this discussion, it is not an exact parallel as a biologist would quickly point out.)

In community development, the tool of Seed Fertilization usually brings together Hope with a Path to realize the potential of something new growing. Often this happens in a person’s thinking (or a meeting), a “flash insight that maybe ….” This is a spark pointing to a better future may be a simple waking up one morning and feeling “I can do it!” In this sentence, the important part is the exclamation point at the end—not the “I” nor when that spark happens it the “how” clear of how it can be done.

HOPE + PATH = I Can Do It Possibility. A seed has not grown anything … yet. All seeds are hopes linked to a path, pointing toward the possibility of growth.

The tool is not any “thing.” The seed is inside your community usually; it may have an aspect that come from outside. But it becomes a seed when your community believes it can grow this possibility. Find your exclamation mark, that spark that holds energy for some energy step forward. It may be helping some ‘thing’ a member has done. It may be making your community proud. But it is energy inside the community, like striking a match. When this happens, then you have a seed that with work can be grown (and it is going to take work with other idea/tools).