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A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes. Gandhi

In each biological seed are two things: DNA to define that seed and a micro energy source to start its growing. The figure below (Revolution of Rising Aspirations) makes this clear “Hope” is the DNA, the definition of something that may be possible; and Path is seeing a way of starting toward that Hope. Or, as Gandhi said: “Become the change you wish to see.”


The acronym SEED stands for Self-Evaluation for Effective Decision-making. The Self-Evaluation process discovers your Aspirations, your Hope, its specific DNA of possibility, understanding what to improve. The Effective Decision-making process drives Actions, the energy of your community, which comes through making effective decisions. An effective decision is one that is not just talk but can be acted on.

Hope is wonderful, but to go anywhere it needs to be actionable, So, Hope need to get focused, and we call that Aspirations. We hope for a better life—but what exactly will that look like: peace, health, family, money, recognition? From figuring out how Hope can move toward realization, an Aspiration grows. Then, that is focused Action. When focused action is achieved, new energy is coalesces (new energy is not being created, the helter-skelter movements of peoples’ hopes gets coalesced). Typically, that energy is momentum opening toward new Aspirations. (Unlike the energy that was there before, these new Aspirations at least feel new even if they were present by latent; they re-direct the prior energy.)